Welcome to Atomic Tabs, Chew your Energy!

Atomic Tabs was born with an idea. Well, a few ideas really. We saw many areas where we could improve upon the energy drinks, shots and other energy supplements that are on the market today. Convenience, taste, packaging, storage, not to mention the negative effects of some of those products could all be improved. Some of the leading energy shots and energy drinks contain up to and over 200 milligrams of caffeine, and all of that hits your bloodstream all at once.  People are getting sick and ending up in Emergency Rooms, sometimes even dying! We wanted to build a better, SAFER energy supplement, and we did.†

So what if you took all the liquid out of a 2 ounce energy shot, or an 8/16/24 ounce energy drink? What would you have left (besides not having to rush to the bathroom several times over the next few hours)? Now take that and press it into a chewable tablet and make it actually taste great. While we’re at it make it sugar free, no calories and not bitter. We further want it to be different from energy drinks and shots in that we don’t want it to give us a dangerous jittery rush, but a calm, clean and focused, SAFE energy, that lasts for hours.†

But how do we make an energy supplement safe? The problem we saw with all the other products is that the energy ingredients are absorbed immediately.  Within 20-30 minutes there could be as much as 200 milligrams (or more) of caffeine pumping through your veins, causing your heart to race wildly! We decided the solution was to uniquely formulate Atomic Tabs with a one-of-a-kind Sustained Release Energy Formula.  That’s just a fancy way to say that you’re not absorbing all the energy ingredients immediately, but rather over a period of time. This helps to prevent a possible life threatening emergency situation. And hey, trips to the ER are expensive!†

We also don’t want Atomic Tabs to make us crash the way those drinks do.  With Atomic Tabs’ Sustained Release Energy Formula, you start to feel the energy effects within 30 minutes as the ingredients are slowly released over the next several hours. What you feel is a steady flow of calm energy that allows you to focus without feeling jittery. That feeling ramps up and levels off, lasting for up to 6 hours before slowly tapering back down instead of rapidly peaking then suddenly crashing.†

How about we also make it smaller and easier to carry 6 servings of Atomic Tabs than it is to carry one energy shot? How about energy for the entire week that you can carry in your pocket, at a third of the price of energy shots? And the ideas kept coming.

That’s exactly what Atomic Tabs is, and more. It is simply a better energy supplement, in every way. So we made Atomic Tabs and formed a company to bring it to you. Now you have a Safe Energy Drink Alternative!† Check out our comparison chart to see how Atomic Tabs blows away the competition.

We hope you like them as well as we do!

† These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.